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District Responsibility

Residents of another school district in the state may be provided services to hospitalized students between the ages of six and eighteen when:

  • The district of residence will agree to pay the costs of H&H services.
  • Written approval has been sent from the district of residence.
  • A principal shall forward referrals to the Teaching and Learning Department for students with unusual health problems, which will seriously interfere with their education. This could include frequent absences (part- or whole-day), district-imposed absences, or a recommendation from the local school with an appropriate referral.

School Administrator's Responsibility

  • Begin the H&H process by providing and reviewing the following forms with the parent/guardian: 
    • Professional Statement of Needs (Dr.'s Note)
    • Disclosure Statement (short-term/long-term) depending on the medical provider's request.
      • Students with IEP's: refer to Jennifer Jarrard (801)567-8304. 
      • Short-Term H&H instruction (Absent 10 to 45 days) will be serviced from the school the student is currently attending.
      • Long-term H&H instruction (Absent 46 days or longer) will be referred to the district H&H administrator, Mary Ann Erdmann.  Give parent/guardian Janie Hyde's phone number (801)567-8326 to schedule an appointment with Mary Ann Erdmann.
    • Ensure all eligible students are provided H&H services.
  • Select a teacher (usually home-base teacher) based on student need and teacher availability.
    • Sign and verify completion of the following forms:
    • Home & Hospital Health Professional’s Statement of Needs
    • Home & Hospital Instruction Disclosure Statement
    • Meet with Assigned Teacher
      • Review the forms – Forms must be submitted to the school administrator monthly for signatures and submitted to Janie Hyde in the Student Intervention Department for reimbursement.
      • Monthly Teaching Record – This record MUST include mileage, time, and original signatures – (including parents’) in blue ink.
      • Timesheet (10-E-XXX-9285-1015-131) will need to be signed by the administrator and H&H teacher.
      • Mileage Form mileage needs to be verified and the form signed by the administrator and H&H teacher.