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Qualifications for Services

The parent/guardian or school official will recommend the need for H&H services to the student's current school administrator.

  • The student's current school administrator will make an initial assessment of qualifications for long/short-term Home and Hospital (H&H) services with medical verification or district documentation of extenuating circumstances. The school will use the following guidelines:
    • The student lives within the boundaries of Jordan School District and is enrolled in a Jordan District school.
    • The student is confined at home or in a hospital due to physical/emotional illness, injury, complications of pregnancy or extenuating circumstances.
    • The student has missed or expects to miss ten or more consecutive days of school.
    • Medical documentation is current.
    • A student with an IEP will be referred to Brian King, 801-567-8208 for further assistance.
    • Short-Term H&H services will be provided when the student will be unable to attend school for a minimum of ten consecutive days, but not to exceed forty-five school days.
    • Long-Term H&H services will be provided if the student will be unable to attend school for forty-six consecutive school days or longer.
  • H&H instruction may be offered when the student’s condition allows the student to be in attendance of up to 50% during the school day.
    • Half-time attendance at the high school level is no more than two classes per day or every other day with four classes total.
    • Half-time attendance at the middle school level is no more than a total of four classes per day or seven classes every other day.
    • Half-time attendance at the elementary school level is up to four hours per day or every other day.
    • H&H instruction is recommended by the student’s physician, medical professional, Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), licensed psychotherapist or legally-directed services, and requested by the parent/guardian.

School Building Administrator will:

  • Provide parent/guardian the following forms for completion:
    • Health Professional's Statement of Needs (Dr.'s Note)
    • Registration Form
    • Disclosure Statement (Short Term Disclosure Statement if student will be out 45-days or less, Long Term Disclosure Statement if student will be out 46-days or more)
  • Determine length of H&H services (short-term/long-term) with consideration of the Health Professional's Statement of Needs.
  • Short-term H&H services (Absent 10 to 45 days of school)
    • The student will receive a H&H teacher from the attending school and continue getting work from his/her assigned teacher(s).
    • If a H&H teacher is not available at the attending school, please call the district H&H administrator, Mary Ann Erdmann, at (801) 567-8187 for assistance.
    • The H&H teacher will make arrangements to come and work with the student for two hours per week on assignments and answer questions.
    • The elementary H&H teacher will collect and return the assignments to the student's assigned teacher.
    • The middle or high school H&H teacher will pick up and drop off the collected assignments at the designated location (counseling center, attendance office, etc.)
    • The student must have assignments or alternate assignments for every registered class.
    • Classroom teachers will provide the curriculum and materials to complete the weekly assignments.
    • Classroom teachers will correct the assignments and provide the grades for the student in their Grade Books and report card.
  • Long-term H&H services
    • Parent/guardian will be given Janie Hyde's number (801-567-8326) to schedule an intake interview with Mary Ann Erdmann, District H&H Administrator, to complete the long-term H&H registration.
    • The administrator will make copies of all of the forms and send Mary Ann the originals (Registration Form, Dr.'s Statement of Needs, Long Term Disclosure Statement (current 504 if applicable) and provide the parent/guardian with copies.
    •  At the meeting, the student's transcript and current schedule will be reviewed, then a class schedule created.
    • The student will be registered for online classes and receive a confirmation email of enrollment.  At this time, the student will also receive their assigned courses and online teachers.
    • A H&H facilitator will also be assigned and will meet with the student for 2 hours, weekly.
    • The H&H facilitator will provide in-person support.
    • The online teacher will grade and provide feedback on the assignments and issue the grade for the report card.

Providing Services

Short-Term (All paperwork to Noreen Samowitz @ DO)

  • Short-term services will be initiated at the attending school by the student's parent/guardian and a Health Professional Statement of Needs note.
  • The student will remain enrolled at their attending school (current if on permit) with their assigned courses.
  • The student will have an attendance code “H” entered for each period and day that they are on H&H.
  • The Registration Form for Home and Hospital Instruction, the Professional Statement of Needs and the Short Term Home and Hospital Instruction Disclosure Statement must be submitted  to Noreen Samowitz, in the Teaching and Learning Department, at the District Office.
  • The Monthly Teaching Log  and Mileage forms must be signed and sent to Noreen Samowitz at the end of every month for teacher payment.
  • The H&H teacher assignment will be made by the attending school administrator.
  • The administrator will meet with the assigned teacher to explain the H&H  procedures, provide necessary documentation and answer questions.
  • The H&H teacher at the middle and high school levels will collect and return the student's assignments at the designated location (Counseling Center, Attendance Office or other).
  • The teachers on the student's schedule will provide the assignments and materials needed to complete the assignments. Every teacher must provide an assignment, modified and/or adapted to the student's situation. 
  • Teachers will correct and post grades in their Grade Book for the assignments.
  • The elementary H&H teacher will collect the student's assignments from the teacher and return the completed assignments back to the teacher to correct.
  • The elementary student's assigned teacher will provide the grades for the report card.


  • The H&H students will remain enrolled at the school they are currently attending, whether it is their boundary school or a school on permit.
  • The school administrator will provide the parent/guardian Janie Hyde's contact information (801-567-8326) to set up an appointment with the district Home and Hospital administrator, Mary Ann Erdmann at the District Office Building (7387 S. Campus View Drive).
  • Mary Ann will meet with the student and parent/guardian to review the student's schedule and transcript before creating an online H&H schedule.  A Home & Hospital facilitator will be assigned at this time, also.
  • H&H instruction services shall be provided for pregnant girls only when extenuating circumstances make it inadvisable or impossible for the student to participate at their school or in the Teen Mother's program offered through Valley High School.

H&H services may be discontinued in the following circumstances:

  • Lack of family cooperation with the instructional schedule.
  • Lack of complete or current medical documentation.
  • Treatment plan indicating a different service plan is warranted.
  • Family or student presents a threat to the H&H teacher.
  • If it appears that the services are worsening the student’s condition (increasing or prolonging school phobia/anxiety)
  • If it appears the parent or student is abusing the program, the district H&H administrator will initiate a formal review.

JSD Policy AS67Discipline of Students

  • The Appeals Committee may allocate H&H services when a student receives an out- of-school sanction.
  • Services may be allocated for suspensions longer than ten days.
  • Students who are expelled/suspended for drug and alcohol violations will be provided H&H instruction by the local school or the Jordan School District H&H program as specified in the district policies (AS67 - Discipline of Students, and AS90 - Drug and Alcohol).  These students will receive an "S" for suspension until H&H services begin, then the attendance code will be changed to an "H". 

Assigning of Teachers 

  • Short-term services are provided by licensed teachers, usually from the student's attending school.
    • When an appropriate teacher is not available, the attending school administrator may arrange for a H&H teacher from another school or may call the district H&H administrator for assistance.
    • The attending school administrator shall make teaching assignments on the basis of teacher interest, availability and curriculum qualifications.
      • Teachers shall be reimbursed for providing H&H instruction at their current hourly base rate.
      • One-half hour of preparation time is allowed for every two hours of actual instruction.
      • Teachers shall receive a mileage reimbursement at the current district rate. Mileage is based upon distance from school to student’s home or other designated public location (e.g. library, police or fire station) and to the teacher’s home.
      • All paperwork is turned into Noreen Samowitz at the D.O.


  • Facilitator assignments will be determined by the district H&H administrator to meet the needs of each individual student.
  • H&H facilitators shall maintain a record of their services on the Home and Hospital Teaching Record form, logging the date of each instruction session, arrival and departure times, mileage, and any other pertinent information.
  • Forms are to be submitted to the district H&H administrator at the end of every month.
  • All forms for the same student should be stapled together and labeled with the student’s and teacher’s names.

Instruction Services


  • Shall be provided at the student’s home or other designated public location (library, fire station, etc.) after regular school hours for short-term services and during the school day or after regular school hours for long-term services.
  • One two-hour instruction session shall be provided per week.
  • With administrator approval, two one-hour sessions may be provided if it is deemed in the best interest of the student.
  • One-hour sessions may be used for elementary students or if the medical provider states it is in the best interest of the student.
  • A parent/guardian or other responsible adult must be present with the student during the instruction session. If the parent/guardian fails to provide proper chaperonage, the instruction session shall be canceled.

Grades and Credit for School Attendance

  • Students who are receiving H&H instruction shall be counted as attending school.
  • Teachers are accountable to provide Utah State Core curriculum educational services.


  • The following documents will be required:
    • Home and Hospital Health Professional Statement of Needs submitted with the beginning and ending dates of service.
      • Beginning and ending dates (or approximate length of time)
      • Diagnostic Statement
      • Contagion level (describe precautions teacher must take to remain safe)
    • Home and Hospital Instruction Disclosure Statement is to be submitted with the signatures of the student, parent, H&H facilitator and principal in blue ink.
    • Home and Hospital Registration form
  • Suspension Report
    • List when H&H is to begin and end.
    • Reason for suspension.


Short-term (Absent ten to forty-five days of school)
  • H&H guidelines will include:
    • Elementary – Classroom teacher(s) will provide the curriculum assignment packets and materials.
    • Middle school/high school
      • The  materials and assignments will be collected by the designated H&H office (Counseling Center, Attendance Office or other).
      • The H&H teacher will pick up and drop off the assignments at the designated office.
      • Classroom teachers will correct the assignments and provide the grades in their Grade Books and for report cards.
  • Long-term (minimum of forty-six consecutive days or longer)
    • The district H&H administrator will create the student's schedule based on student's schedule and transcript.
    • Online Utah State curriculum will be provided.
    • H&H facilitator will provide face-to-face support and answer questions.
    • The first, second and third quarter report cards may be printed off of Family Access in Skyward.  The fourth quarter report card will be mailed to the student's home.